Why Go Green?

The simple answer is because not only is it better for the environment, it's also better for you.

Unlike conventional paint, our paint is non-toxic, has no nasty smell or fumes and does not yellow over time. It also dries within an hour or two, rooms can be re-occupied as soon as we’ve packed up our brushes.

Paint the Town Green's paint is water based and has the lowest possible levels of VOCs.

    The kind of conventional paints decorators or people doing DIY have been using for the last 50 years contain things called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.

    Unlike most organic products they aren’t good for you at all – VOCs are the toxic fumes these paints give off when they are drying and changing from liquid to solid. They can be very harmful to humans causing respiratory problems, eye, nose and throat irritation, liver and lung damage, and have even been proven to be carcinogenic.

    These VOCs are most prevalent in solvent/oil-based paints such as gloss or eggshell.  They also exist in smaller quantities in non-environmentally friendly water-based paints such as emulsion.

    Furthermore, they harm the environment, lingering for weeks after the paint has been applied, causing damage to the ozone layer and contributing to global warming. Up to 30 litres of non-biodegradable waste is generated for every litre of non-eco-friendly paint produced.*


    *Data from Centre for Alternative Technology